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About LDS Like Me

We are currently in a pre-launch stage. Anyone who signs up during our pre launch will receive life-time access to the site at no cost. So please pass the word on.

We wanted to put a quick page together to show the users who owns this site. Who are you (our users) supporting.

We were married in the Atlanta Temple back in 1993. We were in our twenties (20s) and we were very much in love. We could never imagine the love we feel today being almost twenty (20) years and four children later. Life wasn't always easy and we still have our fun and challenges, but with God and the Church, we make life fun and exciting.

Earlier in 2013 we had the idea of starting our own LDS Singles website and set it up so LDS singles can meet real LDS singles wanting to marry; wanting to find someone special like them. LDS Like Me was born! Much like the birth of each of our children (and loss) there is so much joy and sorrow you feel when it comes to dating, love, loss and finding that special someone. We know for us, we were blessed with a Temple marriage and have tried our best to live the commandments so our marriage would be blessed, along with our children too.

LDS Like Me is a site, we believe, will help users find true meaning, true love and true friendships. We encourage LDS verification, we encourage feedback on services you desire. We encourage comments on how we can make the site better and what you don't like. We truely love the Lord and our family is truely blessed. If you are, or you are thinking about becoming a member of our site, we are thankful for your support! We are not a big corporation, but we have the back bone and knowledge to keep this site going! So please join now and pass the word around and tell us what you think!